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CD02 - " Martin Bennett's Old Green River Band - One For My Baby "

Cover 02

This is the second live recording by P.E.K.Sound (PKCD-241), recorded in December 2003 at the Bollington Arts Centre, near Macclesfield This album is possibly the last recording of Pete Cotterill, who sadly died in March 2005.

Track 1 " Indiana "

This clip taken from the first track on the album, demonstrates the Band's fine ensemble playing through two choruses, from Pete's blistering street-beat intro up to the beginning of Stan Williams' solo. I play the baritone on this track demonstrating how it can fit well into the ensemble.

Track 3 " Tin Roof Blues "

This is another great New Orleans jazz standard. Again, I play the baritone and the clip is from the statement of the second theme to the end of my solo.

Track 5 " The Tennesee Waltz "

This is one of Martin Bennett's favourite songs; and he does a great job with the vocals, but you will have to buy the album to hear him. (He sells the albums at all Old Green River Band gigs.) The clip, however is of my solo up to the start of Martin's piano solo.

Track 10 " Some Of These Days "

This is one of those great 'blowing' tunes. The clip starts the end of Stan Williams' trumpet solo, includes my own baritone saxophone solo and half of Eric's trombone solo.