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CD03 - " Sentimental Clarinet "

Cover 03

This particular album contains selections from my first, proper, home-grown album and features the clarinet. The album has a few original compositions as well as a good number of standards.

Track 3 " Summer Dancin' "

This tune is an original, composed as part of a trial in using an open-source programme called Impro-Visor. The chord structure was first entered into the programme and a theme improvised against the playback. The whole thing was then transferred to Band-in-a-box to realise a more effective backing track. Finally, the melody was entered into Sibelius for arrangement for live band performances and to get professional-looking printed copies.

Track 4 " Nadalin " (Take 1)

This poignant theme was written by the great American trumpet & flugelhorn virtuoso, Bobby Shew. It's title is named after Bobby's daughter. A beautifully languid bossa-nova theme with a fine counter-point behind the main melody which is applied to Take Two which corrects the mistaken clarinet major key last note against a minor key accompaniment! What a plonker!

Track 5 " All Of Me"

If you are a fan of the music from the golden age of American songwriting, this one's for you! Written by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons in 1931, sung by just about every decent singer past and present and much used by the whole spectrum of jazz players.

Track 6 " Pee Wee's Blues "

This limpid blues theme was wrttten by the quirky, eccentric, American clarinettist, Pee Wee Russell. His playing was anachronictic, to say the least!